I agree, that’s a nice cover. 🙂 It’s an ever so subtle note to the world (and all points beyond with WiFi) that GRAIL: ICE AGE is live for your Kindle, and for everyone (terrestrial or extra) who like it old school. The print edition is up on Amazon, B&N, BAM! So grab your favorite media and experience the fear of Earth’s twisted future alongside an exterminator often called Ice. It’s quite a ride.

I’m quite happy the book is a reality. There is a fine foreword by Cristopher DeRose who witnessed this characters ascension in magazines. (One of them, Dark Matter, helmed by Cris.) Now the exiting Grail adventures are in one collection. Good thing, because if they were running free in the dark, we might have to call an exterminator. And as you’ll see, Joshua Grail, also known as Ice, is usually needed elsewhere.

Lost? Writer Found, Still Typing

Miss me–even at my own website? Well, here I am with a new post. Put your nose close to the monitor, because this post is so new and warm it smells like fresh-baked bread. …OK. And from what I just saw from the webcam feeds, many of you need to trim those nose whiskers. But I don’t judge. Much. And I hope you don’t judge me poorly for taking so long between posts. When a person has news, some say he or she should rush to his or her website and social media and post immediately. RIGHT THAT SECOND! Then, there’s me. Once I finish a work and actually have news, I tend jump to the next project. The news and updates go unposted. Even my posts on Facebook (oh, yeah…I also have a Google Plus account) tend to be political screeching or images from “palate cleanser” digital art creations. I should do a lot more ballyhooing about my latest book. I am a bad ballyhooer. I’m also tired of that spell-checker red squiggle under the variant words of ballyhoo, so I’ll stop typing it. Ultimately, I need to post here, more. I appreciate the fact that people visit this web establishment. I’ll try to give you reasons to pop over more. At least I hope to post more than once a year. The good news is, if you like my work, there is a lot of it here and elsewhere to give you reading pleasure and eyestrain. More of the former, for sure.
Read on, folks! I’ll keep writing. And posting more. Honest. 🙂

Zombie Apocalypse Appreciation Day

Like a zombie, this cover grabs your eyes. Imagine what the stories do to the brain!

A new post is long overdue. Here it is. I hope you like the news. Recently my sixth book Zombie Domination: Tales of Undead Terror has gone live. (Ahem.) The book is a collection of zombie epics. Fans of Horror and the ever-popular Zombie sub-genre will find a lot to like. A fine author, Cristopher DeRose (former writer for Sy-Fy online, Scribes I & II, Black Moon, among many others) wrote this after read an advanced reader copy:

“There are things about zombies that are cliche. Bruce S. Larson takes even the slightest hint of such a thing, rips its limbs off and with a widening smile from his readers, turns the genre into one big, beautiful beast we get the benefit of watching perform some new and unique twists. And the suspense! a ticking clock that actually accelerates. My heart was beating faster….”

Not bad, eh? I hope you will have a look at Zombie Domination. It’s available at Amazon  (where else?) and a variety of fine booksellers in e-book and print. So there you have it. Do your brain a favor. Check out Z.D. before apocalypse or your hungry neighbor with a suddenly pale complexion and bad skin shambles over. My new book is infectious, but in a good way.


BEYOND APOCALYPSE print edition cover

print edition cover

Yes, you are right. OK, maybe not about that. But about it being a long time between posts, absolutely. To show my gratitude for coming here to read this new post, I would like to send you to another hot site. Hell. Truthfully, this Hell is in literary form. So it may be a seeming eternity between posts, but in that time I have created a novel that spans a galaxy. Neat, huh? I hope you like it. When reading it, you might want to play some triumphal classical music, or maybe your favorite heavy metal album. There is a lot of alien landscapes and scenes with metal. The main character Anguhr’s giant axe comes to mind. Join him to travel across galactic expanses as light and dark battle for the fate of creation. Along the way, learn the deep secrets that shape the destiny or destruction of all life. Witness Armageddon on multiple worlds. Find what lies…

(you’re right again)


Check it out, here.

Read On!



e-book cover

Just In Time For The Holidaze

W&B_Storm4PostI’m happy to announce here, and for the Universe At Large, that my latest SF/F Story Collection is now out. WITHIN AND BEYOND: THE STORM is available in both traditional print and e-book formats. It’s a nice looking book, if you don’t mind me saying so. Thanks to artists and designers Bonnie Hammond and Erik England. All involved did a good job, and the interior reading is good, too. Ahem. So, thanks to all who have a copy of my other books. Please rush to Amazon and snap up this one as well. (Right HERE.)
Cheers! And, Happy Holidays!

New Book Ballyhoo

From: Self-Promo Dept.
Re: The latest and maybe even greatest book from, yep, Bruce S. Larson.

Coming soon to a fine book-seller, and of course…


So, have a look and the final cover art:

STORM Cover Tplate 5_5x8_5 FIN - Copy

And, Happy Holidays!


PS/Ahem: This book will make a great gift, as would the other books now available from This Author!

When A Book Is A Book (To Many People)


Go to any lobby, boarding gate,  or waiting room of your choice and you see many people forgoing magazines to, yes, play with their smart phones. You will also see a few people reading from Kindle and other e-book reader screens. As you know (I hope) I have a few published e-books. However, many people ask when my books will be in print. I started my e-book experience with the first volume of NIGHTMARES AND OTHER VICES, Volume 1. That was back in the far past of 2012. This year, Volume 2 hit the wireless delivery systems and thus Kindles in many locations. The plan was always to publish both volumes of Nightmares, followed by both collected into a grand, print edition. Now the final phase is complete. I am happy to announce that my first two SF-Horror e-book collections are now available in a single print edition. This is a beautiful, physical book that you can keep under your pillow. It’s quite the handsome paperback. Buy two and save. Actually, you just need to buy one. But do tell your friends and the stranger closest to you in a loud enough voice that all around can hear the news. All the NIGHTMARES are now physical. And at a reasonable price. Such a deal. Now all of you who need the vice of gripping your reading material free from a screen can do so with pride.  Good reading, all. Just keep the nightlight switched on. Who knows what may crawl from the page.


And not just scary stories are available in both forms. Click here for more fabulous options. ; )


This Imaginary Coil

MothsAsAirSnakesOccasionally, cameras capture amazing things and events. Above is a photo of the rarely seen air snakes. The group seen in the image was attracted to light from the streetlamp. Such gatherings only occur during mating season when males compete in flight for mates. Long ago reptiles dominated the sky. In the distant Cretaceous Period, pterosaurs ruled the air long before the age of birds we humans take for granted. Now, air snakes have few flying contemporaries among modern reptile species.

Drawing a further distinction, air snakes are not truly snakes. They belong to the same group that includes “slow worms.” They are all species of legless lizards. Slow worms are just that: slow. They are one form these limbless reptiles that live in the ground just as one of their prey items, the true earthworm. Slow worms are almost the exact opposite of their cousin air snakes who are extremely swift. Many groups of lizards have lost their limbs through separate evolutionary paths. Only the air snake family, Aeroidae, has evolved the ability to fly, albeit for short periods.

Air snake flight is powered by the rapidly contraction of specialized muscles that launch the animal into the air and then continue the rapid undulations of its flight scales to keep it aloft. Highly evolved, filament-like scales work in concert with lengthened, longitudinal scales that act as a narrow but effective airfoil. (An aeronautical start-up is developing a new series of coiled drone prototypes based on this unique reptile’s flight method.) The ability to contract its muscles so quickly means it is also a blur on land as in the air. Thus, the fast animals are barely captured by the human eye when darting behind a boulder or in flight.

Mid-summer is the mating period of Aeroidae species. Males launch themselves during a full moon or at bright lights in the remote areas where the rare creature is most likely spotted. Sightings only occur when observers are keeping watch for the creatures. Otherwise, the swift aerial lizards may be confused with other night flyers if glimpsed at all. The lizards themselves take great notice of their flights. Females select mating partners from the males with the greatest ability to remain aloft. The next generation assures continued, if rare, encounters with these elusive and extraordinary creatures.

It has been suggested that air snakes are actually just moths photographed at an exposure speed too slow to capture the moths at one point in flight. This would cause the resulting photo of fast-flying moths to appear much like an undulating ribbon or “snake” in the air. If this is true (and it is) then one wonders what other interesting images are produced using just simple photographic techniques, especially when coupled to the power of suggestion. Context being everything, it’s interesting to consider what people might see if they are not given a context when looking at an image. A fictitious context might produce a false conclusion. Hopefully, the fictional context and audience are willingly participating in the fun. Such as when you visit this site. Knowing there is a wink to the fantastic allows writer and reader to smile in concert. If the material is purported to be true yet the content known to be false, then we have another species called the hoax. Unfortunately, those are far more numerous than flying lizards. Critical thinking can cause a reexamination of an image or an idea, and then the fresh perspective might uncoil the truth.

I’m sure you’re aware of Sea Snugs, Alley Mites, and talking Spiders. Feel free to believe in them in the context of entertainment. They appreciate it. I’m sure the great minds of Reginald C. Staplethorpe and Hhnark! would agree that you should never let an open mind become a trap door. Occasionally, cameras capture amazing things and events. Sometimes they capture something well known that gets tweaked beyond the threshold of fact. At times, the tweak is not to the images, but the words flying around it. Keep the grains of salt at hand. Some things presented as reality need electrolytes.


Flying saucers orbit a tethered mother ship in deep space. Or, moths see the light…



Nightmares Return


I am very pleased to announce my latest collection has launched. to see the long awaited NIGHTMARES AND OTHER VICES, The SF-Horror Collection, Volume 2. is now ready to haunt your Kindle. This is the follow up to, yes, Volume 1 of the same title. (A collected print volume of both NIGHTMARES e-books is also in the works.) If you’re in the market for chills during the hot summer, then this is the right e-book. Read. Enjoy. Bolt awake at night. It’s not the AC causing that shiver. It’s these Nightmares. The other vices may cause other similar side effects. Read only as directed. Such as, right about now…
Cheers to you all,

Executive Destroyers

Is there light down the TV and film tunnel?

Is there light down the TV and film tunnel?

It must be destroyed. That’s the new theme in movies and TV. Any established set-up that the characters work from is annihilated. On TV, killing part of the main cast is now shock free. So now the trend is to kill the characters’ world. We see it in so many current shows and movies. If ‘That 70s Show’ was still on, Eric Foreman would be revealed as a KGB sleeper agent after killing Kelso, and then he’d blow up the basement hangout. Yes, that was a sitcom, but overused scenarios become comedic, or worse. They become clichés. Last night, the typically sterling ‘Person of Interest’ fell victim to this trend. We get it. The world is not solid. Everyone is bobbing among wreckage at sea. But we get it too much and too often. It’s time to let that device sink. Hopefully, movies and television will focus on giving us solid stories again, instead of this overused annihilation ploy. It’s time to build upward.