Herculean Effort: Part Three “Adventure in Mind” Script

This is the script version of: “Adventure in Mind”

The prose version is HERE.

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Mere man no more!
One adventurer finds he is the heir to the strength of Herkales (Hercules if you prefer his later Roman tag). He is made massive when that power was infused into his mostly mortal form. He now walks the Earth as TITANOS! The world, and his clothing bill, will never be the same.



“Adventure in Mind”


Bruce S. Larson



Panel 1 (Main Panel). On a plateau above the Aegean Sea, Diana sits languidly on a broken column while sketching the remnants of a Doric temple. Cloaked in shadows, the massive figure of Titanos supports the temple’s top as a one-man column. Diana herself is built like a thirties movie starlet, with Mediterranean overtones.


CAP:          Greece! Despite being an unforfunate homonym with fatty lubricant, in these ancient lands arose great Art, Philosophy, Architecture, and perhaps the only stable market for goat cheese.

DIANA:        Thanks, Tee. I have the proportions down.


Panel 2. The massive Titanos is revealed in the sun as he lowers the temple top. Titanos wears formfitting, knee-length white trunks and tunic. A great “T” stretches across his expansive chest. A thick belt with massive buckle encircles his comparatively narrow waist. Laces run up calf high leather boots. His dark hair is cut in an appropriately hip 1930’s style. Diana turns to a jubilant Dr. Langford entering the scene. Dr. Langford is a still-fit man in his sixties, wearing safari clothes, spectacles, and a gray beard.


TITANOS:      My pleasure, Diana.

LANGFORD:     News, young adventurers! My old student Edagar Godfrey has invited me to his dig.


Panel 3. Titanos looks down at the seemingly diminutive Dr. Langford.


LANGFORD:     He’s found the very deposit made by your ancestor Herakles when he cleasnsed the Augean stables. Soon he hopes to find the stables!

Panel 4. Titanos looks back out across the Aegean. Diana and Langford look up at him smiling.


TITANOS:      A part of my personal history? Doctor, you shall have the company of Titanos!



Panel 1. Cut to the site of the Augean Deposit archeological dig at night. Edgar Godfrey, wearing a wool tweed suit, stumbles out of a tent followed by heavy wisps of smoke. He drops a pipe from his right hand, and holds a lantern in his left. Shovels and picks rest alongside the tent’s opening. (The scene is an archaeological excavation lit by lamps and starlight on a desert plain.)


GODFREY:      It—It’s happening again! Ever since I found that strange herb growing on this site to replace my tobacco!

Panel 2. View looks down from overhead at Godfrey stumbling through the encampment. The smoke ominously follows him.


GODFREY:      Whenever I indulge in it, I—I—I–!


Panel 3. Godfrey, clasping his head with both hands while still holding the lantern, tumbles to the floor of a tent with scrolls in shelving and pinned up diagrams of the dig. (One note on a board reads: Manure depth: 700 feet!) Behind him the smoke wisps transform into a masculine toga.



SMOKE/ROBES:  Edgar, there is more than a strange smell in the room. There is plan forming within your brain. Let this hallucination guide you.


Panel 4. The toga of smoke is now slanted vertically. Godfrey still holds the lantern and also floats over the tent floor as he beams with manic joy.


SMOKE/ROBES (TENT):     And while we’re at it, do you have anything to eat?


GODREY (TENT):     How about some couscous on toast? Toooooooaast–!


Panel 5. View looks down on the tent from above. Light now streams out of its sides.


SFX:               MWAH-HAHAHAHAHA!


Panel 1. Daytime. Langford, Diana, and lastly the huge Titanos, travel on camel back across an arid plain. A Bedouin-esque guide walks ahead of them. Titanos’ camel looks very strained by his massive passenger.


LANGFORD:     Edgar erratically describes the Augean soil as having trans-organic properties.

DIANA:        I don’t recall Augeas’ oxen as being magical. Why would they have produced enchanted, ah, fertilizer?


Panel 2. Frontal view of the principal three atop a mound gazing towards the dig-site (into the readers’s space). Titanos’ camel now looks as if it is near death having to support its enormous rider.


DIANA:        The site is much bigger than the photograph.

TITANOS:      Considerably.

Panel 3. Titanos looks up as he feels something strange. Diana looks at Titanos’ agonized camel from her own.


TITANOS:      Does anyone notice an odd feeling?


DIANA:        Well, one of us is certainly uneasy.


Panel 4. All three have left there camles and follw Langford down the slope (into the dig site). In the background, the guide has one hand to his lowered face as he points a pistol at the head of Titanos’ leg-bowed and agonized camel.


LANGFORD:     Ah, there I see our man!


TITANOS:      There’s more going on here than archaeology!


Panel 5. View above the now expansive tent city. Piles of burlap sacks dot the locale. Langford walks ahead of Titanos and Diana towards Godfrey (still in his wool suit, and still holding the burning lantern) standing atop a sack-pile as black garbed workmen fill sacks with seed.


LANGFORD:     Edgar!



Panel 1. Godfrey thrusts his free hand up clenching a fist-full of the seeds (that are shaped like an eye, complete with a centered iris marking).


LANGFORD:     Are you all right, man? Why the chortle?

GODFREY:      Simply a cliché, old mentor. But this is the behining of a new world!

Panel 2. Close-up of the crazed, sweat dripping Godfrey.


GODFREY:      This fantastic herb enables me to create solid hallucinations. I’ll spread it globally, for free! The with my families publishing empire, I’ll submiminally influence the worlds’ collective unconscious and enslave humanity to my Super-Id!


Panel 3. View of a perplexed looking Godfrey, and an outraged Langford.


GODFREY:      And for some reason, I feel compeled to open a world-wide tie-dyed clothing franchise.

LANGFORD:     Good God, Edgar! This is the THIRTIES. We can’t afford another global store chain! You must be stopped!


Panel 4. Titanos hurls Godfrey’s lantern unto a sack-pile causing it to burst into flame.


TITANOS:      And Titanos is here to do it!




Panel 1. Godfrey gestures and all of his men cover Titanos in a human swarm.


GODFREY:      Seize him!

TITANOS:      What is the weight of your throngs, Godfrey?


Panel 2. Titanos throws out his arms, hurling the men in all directions.


TITANOS:      When compared to the strength of Herakles!


Panel 3. Dr. Langford sees one hurled man half-vanishing in mid-air over the mound.


LANGFORD:     That man! he vanished beyond the border of the depression as if he was only a figment!

Panel 4. Godfrey stands amid wafts of thick smoke with arms held out by his sides and his head thrown back.


GODFREY:      HAH! I shall breathe deep the gathering plume and transform into your vanquisher! But what? A lion? A dragon? A Minotoaur?


Panel 5. Godfrey stands transformed into a Titanos-sized triple-headed Minotaur sporting the wings and two tails of a dragon, and the fur of a lion’s mane on its chest and massive shoulders.





Panel 1. The Godfrey/monster and Titanos face-off. Langford and Diana find cover behind exposed rocks near the mound in the background.


TITANOS:      Hold, madman. You face the inheritor of the strength of the Herakles, know also as Hercules, son of Zeus!

MONSTER:      Legendary pap! I’m powered by the strength of my mind!

Panel 2. The two titans collide like Greco-Roman wrestlers (causing a tent-flattening, seed scattering shock wave).


TITANOS:       A myth indeed!

SFX:          THOOM!

Panel 3. The monster’s tails wrap Titanos in a strangling grip, and slam him head first into the ground.



SFX:          WHAM!

Panel 4. Titanos leaps aside as the monster belches flame at him from its mouths.


MONSTER:      A new consciousness will previal: MINE!


Panel 5. Titanos leaps into the monster in mid-air, hammering it with his shoulders.


SFX:          FOOM!


TITANOS:      Not so long as Alkmene’s blood still flows within my veins!


Panel 1. The titans impact the earth together like a powerful bomb, demolishing even more of the encampment.


SFX:          BA-THOOM!


Panel 2. Langford shouts to Titanos from the rocks. Diana looks out with concern.


LANGFORD:     Titanos! It isn’t the land, or Godfrey’s herns but some form of energy field that has possessed him! Break his link with the field!

Panel 3. The monster swells to more gigantic proportions. It holds one fist aloft, ready to strike.


MONSTER:      Preposterous! This power has been created by me alone. I have become greater than even Zeus!

Panel 4. Titanos catches the monster’s hurtling fist that is now equal to him in size.


TITANOS:      Perhaps in ego, monster! But I posses his son’s now immortal might!

Panel 5. The monster steps back in amazement, looming above Titanos who stands dynamically poised to spring at his gigantic foe.


TITANOS:      You have nothing but hallucinations, and all mirages fade–



Panel 1. Titanos leaps at the monster and delivers a massive blow.


SFX:          KLA-TOOM!

Panel 2. The monster and reality around it collapse in on themselves like a sheet of paper caught in a vacuum cleaner hose.


SFX:          SHHHH–DOOM!


Panel 3. Langford, Diana, stand in the shade made by Titanos and look over the now totally barren archaeological site.


LANGFORD:     It was not the drugs, but the ethereal energy that created the solid hallucinations. Edagr’s will shaped them, but the drugs drove him into delusions.

Panel 4. The group starts up the site’s mound.


TITANOS:      That, or the fact that he always wore a woll suit in the searing desert heat.

DIANA:        I still wonder what he meant by tie-dyed?

Panel 5. View from behind all three as they descend the other side of the mound. In the foreground, an “eye” seed lies in one of Titanos’ giant footprints.


TITANOS:      Some things the fates have yet tp reveal. For we may not yet be able to face their consequences.

DIANA:        Hey, has anyone seen our camels?