Memories From Parallel Earth(s), Intro

Tree&InvTree2.BSLEver think something is not quite how you remembered it? Ever been told a story that seemed to have a few facts wrong, yet the story teller had such conviction you knew they believed it to be true. There are mundane reasons for these experiences. But perhaps the reason is something other than a trick of memory. Maybe that slightly odd event did occur just as it was recounted. It just didn’t happen here. It happened down another virtually identical street on another planet Earth. Alternate Earths are a well known staple in Science Fiction. However, some physicists are convinced they are actual fact. Some think such parallel worlds are right here, right now, but just beyond perception. But perhaps we do experience them. If your memory is at odds with what everyone else knows to have occurred, maybe you spent some time in one without knowing it.

We might drift in and out of parallel worlds. Their doorways may be on the edge of a shadow or a phase of reality altered by a sudden, sympathetic vibration hitting just right as a car goes by with its bass on far too loud for the good of any world. What we know of history as individuals might be a patchwork of experiences in divergent universes with just enough similarity to fool us into believing we are always of the one, same world. What you recall from last night’s news is not quite in line with your peeps at the office. What your recall of or the family July 4th picnic is radically different from Uncle Bart and cousin Tavis’ memory. Maybe this is why you thought your first date with that someone special went well, but they never called you back. It didn’t happen. Not “here,” anyway. At the time of the experience, you might have slipped through the barriers of spacetime into a parallel world for an afternoon or only a moment. You may have created a parallel “worldline” just a second ago, because you are reading this and not the emails you were going to check. (Thank you for being here, by the way.) Despite the divergence, both yourselves deleted the phishing spam from the fake Nigerian Bank. Bravo. The more things change…. And, yet, some things do change. Small differences hard to notice. Other occurrences are hard not to notice as strange. The sky may always be blue, but the grass is not always green.

Offered here throughout this blog are memories from one or more Parallel Earth(s). I’ll let you decide if the history is real or imagined. But keep in mind these events every well could have occurred, if not for a quick glance to the side or a failed shout to a distant friend passing through for a newspaper reporting facts that read like fiction. Unless you are from the same parallel world, and just visiting here. In that case: Welcome. Thanks for visiting my site during your stay. Perhaps I’ll see you on the other “side.” If that isn’t where we already met. Perhaps send me a link. How is the Q-Fi signal strength over there? Or do I need to explain what that is? That’s a small detail. Have a look at some broader strokes of divergent existences. Maybe you even remember when they happened. Or not. I hope they create smiles in any event, divergent or otherwise.