Shadow Punk. The genre lives now and will exist well into tomorrow–as long as people still own e-readers. Shadow Punk shares genes with its cyber cousin set on dark streets of a dangerous, urban future. Both have ancestry in the Promethean theme of the irrevocable change new power brings to human experience. Technology reshaping Earth lit the fires of both genres. Shadow Punk focused on the impact of biogenetic engineering and ecological Armageddon. In truth, one genre may be slightly more famous than the other one. Nevertheless, they both live on into the 21st Century. Shadow Punk now thrives on the cyber world of Joshua Grail, AKA the Monster Killer “Mr. Ice,” prowls the shadowed streets between towering worlds of glass, steel, and terror. Several stories new and classic are available in e-book format. The tales are ever provocative, relevant, exciting. And cheap. So dare yourself to leave the comfort of today for a dark, terrifying world where monsters have no fear and humans tread lightly, lest they become prey for the freakish predator’s hunger. Be brave and click a title or two. Welcome to the future. The shadowed streets await.


grail_towerpit-kindlecoverFuture Earth. A city has devoured the planet. Now hunger within it wants to devour humanity. A new form of zombie plague threatens to infect a dense population of multiple billions. A bad day for the living if one man fails to stop it. He’s Joshua Grail, AKA the Monster Killer called Ice. His day job is to kill hungry things in the shadows. But no one ever mentioned zombies on the application form. He’ll have to work through lunch, if he and Earth aren’t eaten before noon. One man. One job. Human survival. Hold on.


grail_fearcvr4kindleEarth’s oceans were once vast. Some expanses of the deep, black sea linger. Humanity still drops nets for species near extinction to catch as food. Something else survives the polluted depths. With its prey taken, it rises with hunger. Forget fear of sharks. We ate them all. Now this sea monster eats us. Enter Joshua Grail. His job is to kill monsters. But this beast is unlike anything he’s seen. It’s massive, angry, and Grail doesn’t swim. Grail also faces a strong threat from a police lieutenant taking control of Grail’s license to kill anything, and almost anyone. Power. Corruption. Monsters above and below. This is no day at the beach.



grail_scl-cntrct-kindlecoverJoshua Grail has fought zombies and survived. They are just one threat stalking future Earth. Now he faces a threat that could make an undead horde mere snack food. This monster is unique, and more than one set of slicing jaws. Much more. Of course, other monsters also try to bit off Grail’s head and people refuse to help end the new, super-menace. Grail may be mauled, bagged and discarded before day’s end. But he still has to stop the threat that can end our existence.



grail_freakscvr4kindleJoshua Grail is a Killer. The tag marks him as heavily armed and licensed exterminator in a future sealed beneath shadows. He kills savage terrors preying on humankind. A mysterious man hires Grail to destroy something under a forgotten warehouse. Monsters are everywhere, but what Grail finds shocks even his hardened mind. Grail is called “Ice” for his seeming cold blood when killing humanity’s predators. Now he finds himself tasked for a role he never imagined: an agent of genocide.



cofd_cover-mk-3-copyThe future. It carries both darkness and hope. On a city engulfed Earth, children are banned for most of the vast population unless a heavy sanction is paid. Only the wealthy suffer the cost, or those who gave everything to raise a loved daughter or son. Yet monsters evolve and breed freely in the toxic shadows. Monster Killers stalk these hungry beasts that threaten everyone. But some people see rare, human children as a means to their own ends and Killers as instructors in the lost arts of war. This could bring a new era to the besieged planet, if no one recalls its past. The future could bring either new life, or doom.